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Inclusion for All in the Workplace

Inclusion for all in the workplace is crucial for fostering a diverse and innovative environment. Embracing individuality not only promotes equality and acceptance but also brings a variety of unique perspectives, skills, and talents to the table. By creating an inclusive workplace culture that values differences such as neurodivergent individuals and accommodates various needs, organisations […]

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To Hybrid Work or not to Hybrid work?

That is the question! While hybrid working has majorly been a part of life since 2020, what was seen as a more temporary fix has now made its way into the mainstream of working life. People appreciate the more favourable work-life balance that home working affords, and employers need to extend their health and safety considerations […]

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Bridging the Gap: How Training and Personality Affect University Staff’s Ability to Support Student Mental Health

Introduction Ellice is the Lead Business Psychologist at Green Cross Global. With a rich personal and professional background in mental health and psychology, she has decided to undertake a doctoral degree. Her research focuses on the efficacy of training interventions in higher education, specifically addressing staff’s ability to support student mental health. This research not […]

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The Power of Employee Happiness: How Prioritising Wellbeing Drives Productivity

Written by Ross Abbott, Head of Health & Wellbeing. In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, companies are discovering that prioritising employee wellbeing is not only a compassionate approach but also a strategic one. Research has consistently shown that happy employees are more productive, engaged, and motivated to go above and beyond for their organizations.   […]

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A Beacon of Hope

Our very own Ross Abbott, Head of Health & Wellbeing at Green Cross Global, has been selected to carry the Baton of Hope part way on its journey. As it travels from Glasgow to London, travelling through Northern Ireland and Wales, the Baton reaches Milton Keynes on July 4th – where Ross will carry the […]

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You versus your brain

Written by Ross Abbott, Head of Health & Wellbeing. It’s a battle I and many others face every day: You versus your brain. Our brains are powerful organs capable of remarkable feats, but they can also be our biggest enemy. From making us fear a situation to succumbing to unhealthy habits, it can feel like […]

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Embracing Failure: Why It’s Crucial for Business Growth

Written by Ellice Whyte, Lead Business Psychologist. As the saying goes, “failure is not the opposite of success; it’s a part of success.” In the world of business, failures can be discouraging, frustrating, and even devastating. However, successful business leaders understand that failure is not only inevitable but also a necessary step towards growth and […]

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