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The Watercooler 2024

Green Cross Global and Thrive, team up to co-exhibit at The Watercooler event for the first time ever!

Bringing expert knowledge and comprehensive experience, we want to work together to help everyone thrive in the workplace.

The Watercooler Conference and Exhibition is the leading showcase of insight, technology and innovation shaping the future of workplace culture and employee wellbeing.

Both Green Cross Global and Thrive have worked seamlessly together for several years, with similar aims of improving workplace wellbeing and creating a workplace where all can thrive. We truly believe that working together, we thrive.

Want to find out more about us both?

Watch our Talking Heads episode, or click the button below to listen to our newest podcast episode, a Watercooler special!

Our Talking Heads episode features both Green Cross Global and Thrive, as we look at diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our brand new podcast episode features Green Cross Global's Head of Health & Wellbeing, Ross Abbott, as well as the Founder of Thrive, Simon Nichols - they look at what the Watercooler Expo holds, stressors in the workplace and how we can 'tame the tiger'.

This image is of a forest path which signifies the continuous journey of workplace wellbeing.

The Watercooler

In this article Green Cross Global and Thrive look at the current trends in workplace wellbeing that keep coming up in conversation. Ross Abbott (Green Cross Global) and Simon Nichols (Thrive) highlight what you can expect from our stand, what they’re both looking forward to and what they hope to achieve at the Watercooler Expo. 

Click HERE to read the article —>
Green Cross Global

At Green Cross Global we pride ourselves on offering a 360º solution in Health, Safety & Wellbeing. For several years, we have been providing support to help improve the safety & wellbeing culture of the UK’s biggest brands.

Our team of experts work with you to analyse, strategise & deliver the most effective solution tailored for you. No one size fit’s all – a bespoke approach to achieve the best results every time.

Access some additional GCG resources below, including an event brochure, a Top 10 Tips for workplace inclusion and our Talking Heads video on stress. NEW RESOURCES JUST ADDED! :

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At Thrive, our vision is to help one person at a time to thrive and to be the best version of themselves that they can be, How do we help one person at a time?

By making sure that the right support, guidance, and resources are available to everyone. Our Neurodiversity in the Workplace training is trusted by customers and Training partners across the globe.

Thrive: Helping one person at a time to Thrive

Access some additional Thrive resources below, including our brochure, a supporting Neurodiversity in YOUR workplace handout and our Neurodiversity Training handout. NEW RESOURCES JUST ADDED :

Event Brochure (new) ->

Supporting Neurodiversity in YOUR workplace handout ->

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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
- Henry Ford -

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