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Unlock the Power of Neurodiversity in Your Workplace

Embrace the Strengths of Neurodiverse Individuals and Transform Your Business Neurodiversity is a natural and valuable form of human difference. It's estimated that 1 in 7 people, more than 15% of the UK population, is neurodiverse. This means more than 10 million people in the UK have a brain that works differently from a neurotypical brain. Green Cross Global helps you understand the differences by raising awareness and empowering your people.

Our Neurodiversity Workshops

We offer a range of workshops designed to raise awareness, empower staff, and give managers the tools they need to create a thriving, neurodiverse-friendly environment.

Aware Webinar

Our 1-hour webinar provides a foundation for understanding neurodiversity, busting common myths, and exploring the positive impact of reasonable adjustments.

Champion Workshop

This 4-hour workshop builds on the Aware webinar, helping colleagues become neurodiversity business champions and fostering a culture of acceptance and change.

Manage Course

Designed with managers in mind, this course delivers actionable steps for creating an inclusive culture and leveraging the strengths of neurodiverse team members.

Observe & Teach

Our support team will observe your workplace environment and provide a detailed report with solutions tailored to your business. We also offer a Train the Trainer programme to empower your employees to facilitate discussions around neurodiverse acceptance.

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"We should celebrate neurodiversity. The world would be poorer and life duller if we were all the same."
Neil Milliken

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