Adult MHFA Two Day

Adult MHFA Two Day

Duration: 2 Day course

Certification: MHFA England Mental Health First Aider Certificate

Locations: Available Nationwide

Available as
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Course Overview

MHFA England Virtual Classrooms 

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The Online Mental Health First Aid course is hosted by a qualified MHFA instructor through interactive learning such as slides, video clips, activities, discussion and case studies. This course allows learners to become a Mental Health First Aider from the comfort of their own home in the new age of remote working.

The skills and knowledge developed on this course include:

  • An in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that affect mental wellbeing

  • Practical skills to notice triggers and signs of mental ill health

  • Confidence to intervene, listen and support an individual in need

  • Knowledge of helpful resources to guide recovery

  • Learn valuable interpersonal skills such as non judgemental listening

  • Understand how to build a wellbeing action plan to support employees in their organisation

Having this qualification will be an asset to organisations looking to support their employees mental wellbeing to create a non judgemental, safe environment for their workplace and remote working.


This virtual classroom platform was set up to ensure organisations receive the skills and knowledge they need to support their employees during the pandemic. This course is solely online to allow remote workers to join and reduce face to face contact.


This course is made up of both individual learning activities and a series of live sessions over a 2 day period.

  • Individual learning will be based on a combination of videos, workbook activities and reading

  • MHFA approved tutor will be on hand for Q&A to support learning

  • Live sessions will include workshop activities and anonymous polls for interactive learning

  • Learners can use the chat function for discussion and input

On completion learners will receive:

  • A Mental Health First Aider certification

  • A guidance manual to refer to after the course

  • An action plan template

  • Tools to support learners own mental health

Course Content
  • Day 1

    <p>- Why Mental Health First Aid?<br>- The MHFA action plan<br>- What is Mental Health?<br>- Impact of Mental Health issues<br>- Stigma and Discrimination<br>- What is depression?<br>- Symptoms of depression<br>- Risk factors for depression<br>- Depression in the workplace<br>- Suicide figures<br>- Alcohol, drugs and mental health<br>- First Aid for suicide<br>- Non Judgemental listening skills<br>- First Aid for depression<br>- Treatment and resources for depression<br>- Self care</p>

  • Day 2

    - What is an anxiety disorder?
    - First Aid for anxiety disorder
    - Crisis First Aid after a traumatic event
    - Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
    - Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders
    - Cognitive distortions and CBT
    - Personality disorders
    - Eating disorders
    - Self-harm
    - What is psychosis
    - Risk factors and psychosis
    - Schizophrenia
    - Bipolar disorder
    - Warning signs of developing psychosis
    - Crisis First Aid for acute psychosis
    - Treatment and resources for psychosis
    - Recovery and building resources
    - Action planning for using MHFA

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