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Wellbeing Awareness e-Learning

Wellbeing Awareness e-Learning

Duration: 1 Day course

Certification: Wellbeing Awareness e-Learning

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Course Overview

1 in 6 workers will experience depression, anxiety or stress related problems at any one time and 72 million working days a year are lost in the UK due to stress alone. 

Our goal at Green Cross Training is not only to train people to see the signs and how to act if someone is experiencing a decline in their Mental Health but also to start to support an individual's Mental Health daily. 

This Wellbeing Awareness course aims to do that and is suitable for all members of an organisation.

The 35 minute training is split into 5 manageable sections which cover:

Mental Health

What is Mental Health and what does it mean to us?

What could trigger a decline in our Mental Health and Wellbeing and why does it impact us differently?


The signs, symptoms and actions that we might see in a colleague that is impacted by a decline in their Mental Health. 


Assessing someone for risk and asking appropriate questions.

Setting the scene for the conversation and how do we start it?

What questions should we ask someone and how do we ask them?

What do we do if someone may not talk openly to us


Listen and communicate non judgmentally .

What constitutes good listening and how can we communicate non judgmentally?


What does support, look like and mean to us?

Discuss some of the types of support that maybe available

How to raise awareness about Mental Health

How do we look after our overall Wellbeing

The training can be bespoke to your business needs and can be accessed via phones, tablets, laptops and PC.

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