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Had I known how to save a life…

If you found yourself in a First Aid emergency, could you step in & help?

If you could learn the critical skills to be able to help save a life, would you?

A few weeks ago, a certified First Aider, trained by Green Cross Global reached out to our Head of Risk & Compliance, Tim Hassall, to tell of a situation he found himself in a few nights before…

The man (who wishes to remain anonymous), tells of how crisis struck after returning from holiday, and how he was able to step in to save a life.

“We were just getting out of the taxi returning from holiday and we have a home for adults with complex needs across the road.

Two of the carers came flying out screaming for help, one of their residents was choking, so I ran in and took control with the taxi driver. I started the abdominal thrusts and back slapping, and anti-choke pump. After what seemed like ages, we cleared the food block and got her breathing again. In-between all that we got the carers to call an ambulance.

Just received a nice thank you card and the carers said the paramedics have said she was minutes away from cardiac arrest.

Bit of a mad one but your training kicked in.

Cheers mate have a good night”

– Qualified First Aider, trained by GCG –

(See Thank You card picture below)

A thank you card given to a qualified first aider after saving someones life.

This is just one of the hundreds of stories we hear of how First Aid training we’ve delivered has been used to help save a life.

This is why we do what we do


First aid skills are the cornerstone of resilience and compassion within any community. They empower individuals to be proactive and respond swiftly to accidents, injuries or emergencies.

We dream of a world where everyone has the ability to step in if/when emergency strikes and confidently save lives.


If you would like an easy, cost-effective way to learn critical First Aid skills, then click HERE to grab our Essential First Aid eLearning course.

If you want to learn about our new 1 Million Life Savers campaign, what we hope to achieve and our pledge to donate to UK food banks then click HERE.

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