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Case Study

National Manufacturing Company

A Short Summary Of What GCT Provided To National Manufacturing Company

National Manufacturing Company

Key Points
  • Large scale manufacturing company operate two plants
  • Subject to an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following a trauma injury whilst operating machinery

Focus: Compliance

Note: The name of this client has been omitted due to an ongoing HSE investigation.

The Challenge


The manufacturing company first contacted Green Cross Training in 2017, following concerns regarding Health and Safety practises on their site. These concerns were realised when a staff member suffered a trauma injury whilst operating machinery, and the incident was subject to an HSE investigation.

Directors of the company needed expert help to introduce significant changes; they were prepared to give Green Cross Training full access and support to carry out complete risk assessments on both sites and implement recommendations.

Our lead Risk and Compliance consultant conducted a full audit of both sites and identified 21 management failures in Site A and and 16 in Site B. In addition, they identified a workplace culture that placed production output as its only priority, at the expense of the Health and Safety of the workforce.

Prior to Green Cross Training being engaged, there was no active training and there were no designated Health and Safety roles such as First Aid, Fire or Health and Safety in place. There was additionally no functioning risk assessment in place.

With an HSE investigation in progress, there was an immediate requirement for intervention as the company’s future was uncertain. The company directors also had a determination that such an event would never occur again and that failings must be remediated at any cost.

Four KPIs Identified
  1. Comply with HSE best practice
  2. Produce Suite of policies and procedures
  3. Change culture and mindset of organisation
  4. Improve worker morale
The Solution

It was clear to Green Cross Training consultants that the culture within the organisation needed to change, in particular the notion that Health and Safety was not a collective responsibility.

The training programme that was implemented was phased in to fit with working shift patterns. Changing the culture and processes from within the organisation was identified as a priority, so key staff and process leaders were placed on an IOSH Managing Safely course. Additional staff also went on IOSH Working Safely courses.

Green Cross Training lead consultant Tim Hassall comments on this process: “the change within the organisation was almost immediate following the delivery of our IOSH training programme. Staff were equipped with the knowledge and confidence they needed to make a change to the work practices and culture. Within days staff were regulating certain behaviours and ensuring that safety was the first consideration to every process.”

Lead Health and Safety consultants were put in place at sites, and internal risk assessments were produced alongside immediate remediation of process defects. Regular ‘all hands’ monthly meetings are now scheduled to address Health and Safety.

Learning logs for all staff have been put in place and staff have been trained in First Aid, Fire and Moving Handling. Staff have also been upskilled in Root Cause Analysis and Accident Investigation.

The Result

Following the intervention of Green Cross Training, and by utilising a full audit of workplace hazards identified by IOSH, a programme is now in place to address the failures.

Within the organisation there has been an immediate change of culture and improved morale. The workplace priorities are now safety over production and staff are working under the notion that safe working is everyone’s responsibility.

They have experienced improvements in production and quality as a result of safer working.

Through the work of our consultant team we have identified leaders within the organisation and ensured their development is driven by safety.

Key Measurables

  • Leadership development
  • Staff Morale has increased throughout organisation
  • Programme in place to remove failures
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